Faulty connector VGA ?

  geoff47 14 Apr 12

The connection to my monitor has been playing up for a while, if you knock the cable the monitor goes blank, moving the cable seemed to sort it out.

I have moved the PC, now I cannot get the monitor to display anything. I think it is the actual vga connection on the PC, rather than the cable because I have tried several cables.

Any easy solutions ?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14 Apr 12

Open the case and try reseating the graphics card.

  geoff47 14 Apr 12

I have opened the case, it is a built in graphics card. I can only assume the actual holes that accept the pins on the cable are worn or faulty.

  geoff47 14 Apr 12

I am humble and contrite. I have a confession to make. I moved the PC to cobble a memory card from another PC into it. From the limited research I did, I believed it to be OK, I have just extracted it and the monitor is working fine again.

Panic over, thanks for the input......I have learned something tonight. I am not as clever as I thought.

  northumbria61 15 Apr 12

geoff47 - I have learned something tonight. I am not as clever as I thought

We are all still learning something new every day - that's why we are on here Geoff. We can all benefit from reading a post from someone. Without problems there would be no Forum.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15 Apr 12

Thanks for lettings us now the outcome this may help others in future.

  geoff47 15 Apr 12

Yet another question.........how do you tick the thread as solved ? I have had a look, but it's not as obvious as it should be, I know I have done it before, but cannot for the life of me find how.

  lotvic 15 Apr 12

Click on a big grey tick next to any of the posts and it will turn green. Next time you refresh the page your thread will be marked resolved.

  geoff47 15 Apr 12

Thanks......I knew it would be something simple.


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