Fatal error message..help please

  bof:) 12:36 09 Jun 04

Hi All,

Using windows 98se.

recently my pc has been rebooting itself several minutes after its first connection to the net. My monitor just goes blank and pc reboots. Upoon reconnecting it will run for the rest of the day unless switched off and switched on again.

This morning (after the reboot) I ran infanview and this froze my pc. I recieved an error message stating:

'A fatal exception od has occured at 003b:000003cb. the current application will be terminated'

pressing ctrl+alt+del I got the following message:

'an exception od has occured at 0028:c002c60e' in VxD this was called from 0028:c00114888.

I've just run Infranview again and pc froze but showing same picture via windows media player nothing happened.

So, could these problems all be connected or are they being caused seperately? If so what are they being caused by and how do I cure it?

Many thanks for any help given,


  bof:) 18:22 11 Jun 04


  harps1h 19:24 11 Jun 04

it sounds like the infranview is your problem, as it may be a conflict with it and another program. had a similar problem with incd(part of nero) and windows cd program, so i disabled in cd and the problem disappeared.

  bof:) 19:27 11 Jun 04

many thanks harps1h,

I'll uninstall Infanview and see if it cures the problems.


  bof:) 12:18 16 Jun 04

Hi all,

I think I've solved the problem but I'm not sure why.

Vxd files I thought was sometype of video file for the video card although son number 1 thinks VxD is somethhhing to do with virtual memory/hard drive.

So, I've downloaded the uptodate drive for my video card an Nvidia Geforce 2Ti from Nvidias' website and following their installation instructions carefully, installed said drivers.

3 days on my PC has not frozen or reboot on its own once.


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