Fatal error during norton antivirus installation

  darrenrichie 14:27 26 Jul 04

I am trying to install norton antivirus. I have a trial version which has expired so i have got a full version on cd-rom. When i try install it it comes up with the error message "Fatal Error. Installation prematurely ended due to an error."
I looked it up on the symantec website and it said it could be a virus. It asked to download a virus remover then restart the computer in safe mode. I did as instructed but when i restart in safe mode it gets to the log in screen then restarts. I have unistalled the trial version of anti virus but still cannot install the full version or restart in safe mode.Can anyone suggest anything that doesn't involve an re-install?

  bretsky 15:52 26 Jul 04

What was the trial version and what is the new version you are trying to install, because it sounds like you have file conflicts going on due to the trial version not properly removed.

Have you tried starting to "last known good configuration" other than in safe mode?

Should of upgraded trial version, I still use my Nav 2002 oem version which was on a 90 day trial basis.

bretsky ;0)

  sattman 15:56 26 Jul 04

You will probably have to remove as much as possible of the original, go to the symantec site for insruction on manual removal.

  darrenrichie 16:03 26 Jul 04

The trial version came setup with my dell dimension. The full version is 2003. I am pretty sure that the trial version is 2003 also which is why i am confused as to why it won't install. I have also installed system works 2003 after the trial had finished and that works fine.

  bretsky 16:37 26 Jul 04

Forgive me , I am a little confused, I thought Norton system works had a virus scanner inbuilt or am I wrong on this?

bretsky ;0)

  ventanas 16:41 26 Jul 04

Yes it does. click here
for the full spec.

Seems to be why you have a problem. You may be trying to install what you already have. Or a different version of it.

  darrenrichie 16:44 26 Jul 04

I think i will remove system works and start again and see if that works. Does anyone have any idea as to why my computer keeps restarting itself when i try to boot in safe mode? I am concerned that if i do have a virus then i won't be able to remove it using the virus removal tool i downloaded from symantec.(I need to start in safe mode to use this.) Much appreciated.

  bretsky 16:45 26 Jul 04

Thank you ventantas, I thought for a minute I was going mad!

bretsky ;0)

  ventanas 16:56 26 Jul 04

click here for the safe mode boot options. I havn't a clue why your pc restarts, but there may be something in here.

I would try an new thread if you need more help.

  darrenrichie 21:30 26 Jul 04

Cheers for all your help :)

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