kangawallafox 23:49 22 Jan 04

Can't decide weather to go for fat32 or ntfs.
Would ppl consider telling me which one they consider better, and why???

  Gandalph 23:54 22 Jan 04

Depends on which OS you are going to run. Windows 9X family use FAT32, Windows 2000 - XP use NTFS.

  Migwell 23:55 22 Jan 04

NTFS is far more secure It also has smaller sector sizes, so you waste FAR LESS disk space apart from other things.

Firms which use large computer setups always use NTFS Like Halifax and M&S and I dont think they would do it if there was no benifit.

  DieSse 23:55 22 Jan 04

click here;en-us;100108

  dazzling (work) 23:57 22 Jan 04

ntfs is a more secure file system it also handles large drives more efficiently than fat 32 which was never designed to do that.if you need to use files bigger than 4gb you need ntfs as that is fat32 file size limit.darren

  kangawallafox 23:57 22 Jan 04

Sorry Gandalph, I thought it would have been obvious to all that I am using either 2000 or XP. If I was using a 9X version I wouldn't even be considering NTFS.....

  User-312386 23:59 22 Jan 04

No it would not be obvious

I would use NTFS as it is more secure

  woodchip 00:20 23 Jan 04

You will not be able to run old programs on NTFS like you can on Fat32

  DieSse 00:30 23 Jan 04

However - I've personally not found anything that wouldn't run on an NTFS system - so such programs are not that common.

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