FAT32 versus NTFS

  MIKE 11:35 03 Mar 05

I have a 120gb hard drive split into 3 partions each of 29g I also have 29gb unalocated spare. The first two partion uses FAT32 and the third uses NTFS. Would there be any major advantage to convert all partions to NTFS or is it better to have a mixture of the two FAT32/NTFS. Come to that would there be any problems converting.

  Fingees 11:46 03 Mar 05

NTFS is a far more stable sytem, less liable to corruption.
It's easy to convert to NTFS buyt once done. you can't revert back without reformatting.

  Gongoozler 11:51 03 Mar 05

Converting FAT32 to NTFS is easy click here

  FelixTCat 11:54 03 Mar 05

NTFS partitions cannot be read by Win 98 (or ME), so if you have Win 98 or ME on the computer, do not change the file system.

NTFS is more secure than Fat32, but you can only take advantage of that with XP Pro. It is also less likely to corrupt files. On large partitions, it is faster than Fat32.

WinXP has a program which will convert Fat32 to NTFS, but the conversion is not the most space-efficient. Partition Magic will do a better job.

Note that the inability of Win 98 (and ME) to read NTFS partitions does not apply over a network.

  MIKE 14:26 03 Mar 05

Thanks guys for all your help, I will convert to NTFS later today.

  €dstowe 14:28 03 Mar 05

Make a backup of all your important data first. Converting to NTFS is normally very safe but, there are occasions - - - -

  MIKE 18:21 03 Mar 05

Thanks again for advice and help. Tne conversion went like a dream.

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