Faster Internet

  Kevscar1 16:00 01 Mar 09

This is from a PC Advisor page.

5. Choose top-quality internet hardware
Don't expect top-level gaming performance from that cheap £20 internet router you bought on the high street. Instead, spend a little more and get a quality router from a trusted manufacturer such as Linksys or DLink. Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo also have preferred hardware that's guaranteed to function perfectly on their systems - that information is available on their websites

Has anyone actually bought a new router and got a faster speed. If so what is the percentage increase

  Tech Guy 01:27 02 Mar 09

I've said this for years now.

Know one can tell you you will get X an increase if you buy a well know brand. But I will say this don't beleive you will get a better performance if you buy a router sponsored by Sony, Micorosoft the router company pays for thier support.

I will say this: if you swap your cheap £20 ebay "chinese" router for a well know brand, Belkin, Netgear, linksys etc. You will see a more consistence speed, less dropped connections, less errors and better a wireless signal (with less droppped connections).

P.S. the routers given by ISPs arn't usualy the greatest either - maybe a good name but has the ISPs firmware.

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