Faster Broadband

  JerryH 07:06 04 Feb 07

I have a broadband connection which BT can't get above 1.7 download speed. Serif advertise a product called "Onspeed Faster Internet" which claims it can speed up broadband, using compression. Has anyone any experience of it? Does it achieve any noticeable improvement? Is it reliable?

  SLAYER 07:30 04 Feb 07

Does it achieve any noticeable improvement?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 08:01 04 Feb 07
  JerryH 09:35 04 Feb 07

Thks - seems on balance best to suffer slow BT line.

  DJ-Garry 11:10 04 Feb 07

In my experience, speed increase software will only work on web pages and e-mails. They don't have any effect on downloads. As 1.7 would be quite fast for web views and emails, you would not notice much of an improvment I think, Garry.

  Dipso 16:31 04 Feb 07

What is the advertised maximum potential speed of your product, 2 Meg fixed or are you on up to 8 Meg?

  JerryH 19:06 04 Feb 07

Dipso: I'm 2 miles from the local exchange and BT has repeatedly tried to get the speed up, without success, beyond 1.7 (download). So I've settled for their cheaper tariff (i.e. max 2 meg).

  Dipso 20:38 04 Feb 07

I don't think 1.7 is actually that bad if your on 2 Meg.

Another way you could possibly squeeze a bit more out of your line would be to check your internal phone wiring click here

  JerryH 07:05 05 Feb 07

Actually, Dipso, I was on an 8 MB tariff, because BT initially claimed I could get up to 3+ MB download speed, but they in fact never managed more than 1.7, so I amended the level of service I'm on. I'm sure my internal wiring is fine, so it has to be their damn line. Hence me thinking about this compression product.

  Dipso 09:03 05 Feb 07

I thought my internal wiring was OK 'til I upgraded. I even had an ex-BT mate over to check it and ended up re-doing everything he had done myself.

  JerryH 11:22 05 Feb 07

Thks, Dipso; any advice on how to test if my internal wiring is OK? (I have a 2nd line which I use for broadband, though I have a phone plugged into the filter for occasional use. The phone socket is very close to my PC.)

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