Fastcache alternatives

  Fateful Shadow 17:09 07 Jun 04

I've tried to use that 'Fastcache' that is suggested at the bottom of the downloads screen, but I've found that I can't use it very well. Something to do with DNS...

Anyway, does anybody know a good alternative to this program? For those who don't know what it is, it is a program that stores webpages in a cache so that recalling the webpages is very fast.

Any ideas? Thanks :)

  Fateful Shadow 18:54 07 Jun 04


  dagwoood 21:52 07 Jun 04

This software doesn't store viewed web pages in a cache. It stores D.N.S.server addresses of previously viewed sites, so when you revist those same sites your pc doesn't have to find the D.N.S.address again.

If your on broadband, this type of s/w wouldn't make a noticable differance to the speed you download web pages.

As to s/w that does store web pages, this is already in Windows. Your temporary internet files perform this function.


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