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  accord 20:37 21 Jan 03
  accord 20:37 21 Jan 03


Having read your magazine for sometime now, I was wondering when you, ie PCA, were going to do a massive flat panel test as these are becoming the most wanted pc peripheral in recent times. I dont just mean 3 or 4 £400-£500 models but what about the £150-£300 'budget' models???? Theres stacks of them about and after browsing through this forum there are people out there who keep asking the question, whats the best one??


  Djohn 21:29 21 Jan 03

Page 238, March issue is a good starting point. J.

  artist 22:35 21 Jan 03

There's an article in the Compter Active - just out - but again it's just the more expensive ones.
We bought a PROVIEW with speakers from PCW for £189. Haven't had it very long but so far it's excellent.

  Stuartli 23:09 21 Jan 03

The latest edition of CS has a comprehensive lineup....

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