Fancy talking to Microsoft - at a senior level?

  Forum Editor 19:31 13 Jul 04

If you frequent our forum on a regular basis it cannot have escaped your notice that there will shortly be a major Service pack release for Windows XP. Imaginatively entitled SP2 this release is one of the most important Service packs ever to come from the Redmond giant, and they've put a great deal of effort and money into it.
No doubt you're keen to see what goodies lie in store when you get your hands on SP2, but many of you will also be concerned. Rumours about incompatibilities abound, and so do stories about the security fixes that SP2 contains.

I'm going to be talking to Microsoft's SP2 supremo very soon, and I'll be grilling him on some of the issues that concern you. Here's your chance to have your questions answered by the man at the top, and I'm relying on you to come up with some real gems - post your questions here.

I can't promise that I'll get answers to everything - I'll be selecting the questions I think are most relevant to us all - but I'll do my best to get the real low-down. Keep your questions relevant to SP2 (no general Microsoft or Windows problems please), and try to keep it short, I don't have the time to read essays I'm afraid.

There's a deadline looming soon, so I would appreciate some early input - I know I can rely on you. The results will appear in my Consumerwatch page in the magazine, and if you don't want your real name to be mentioned in the article please say so now.

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  ianeon 19:42 13 Jul 04

Will everything in SP2 be relevant - The XP firewall isn't very good and most people have a proprietary firewall installed(example). So do we really need SP2?

  SEASHANTY 19:44 13 Jul 04

Good idea FE. My main concern is will SP2 affect the Mozilla 1.7 Firefox and Thunderbird email which I am currently using. If problems then I do not want to install SP2.

  Smegs 19:46 13 Jul 04

It's nice to have someone with some power ;-)).

  Smegs 19:49 13 Jul 04

SEASHANTY, nice one. What, if any, will SP2 effect(Software). Will we need to start uninstalling software, then reinstall to be compatible??

  one23 19:54 13 Jul 04

Are all the major firewall and anti virus companies up to date with SP2? Can we be assured that their will be no major conflicts thereby involving extra costs ,not to mention headaches?.

  Forum Editor 19:54 13 Jul 04

that the software problems will be with older applications - I have had no problems with anything on my computers all through the beta testing programme.

The one exception is (perversely enough) the Microsoft .NET software - there are some nasty glitches there, and MS are addressing them as a matter of urgency. I doubt that many of our members/readers are likely to be affected.

  Smegs 19:59 13 Jul 04

Thanks for that F.E.

  terminus 20:01 13 Jul 04


  Smegs 20:01 13 Jul 04

Has SP2 been released in the USA yet? If so, is there a forum over there that we can look at, just to see if their having problems.

  rawprawn 20:25 13 Jul 04

I run Firefox, and I have had no problems with SP2 Beta.My only question is will SP2 secure Zone recognise all propriety AV's,When I loaded it,it would not recognise Avast, which is a well used AV. (albeit the free one)

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