Fan makes loud noise at night

  Modomancs 31 Jul 13

So.. You see , when I leave my PC open all night , the fan goes loud for some reason (CPU Fan) . So uhhh.... any way to fix it without replacing the whole fan?

  Graphicool1 31 Jul 13

When you say..."when I leave my PC open all night" you mean 'ON'?

  Modomancs 31 Jul 13


  Chronos the 2nd 31 Jul 13

It might be that the fan is more noticeable at night because there is ambient noise around to cover the sound of the fan.

It is a reasonable simple process to replace the heatsink/fan unit on your processor.

But to advise on what ones to go for we would need to know a few details of tour PC. If you know what motherboard you have great, if not make and model of PC should with a little research provide the information.

  Graphicool1 31 Jul 13

...Or, just turn the PC off at night...Aah Bliss!

  spuds 31 Jul 13

If it is the fan, and not the quietness of your surroundings, then replacing the fan isn't difficult or expensive, if you have the time and expertise.

If a fan is left on 24/7, then the rates of knots these things work at, no wonder they wear out over time?.

  wee eddie 31 Jul 13

It might be worth cleaning the Fan Blades with a stiff brush

  wiz-king 31 Jul 13

Do you mean the fan gets louder at a specific time?

Could be a timed event - defrag - auto-updating anti-virus.

  bumpkin 31 Jul 13

Maybe change the clock by 12hrs just as a test.

  Mr Mistoffelees 31 Jul 13

Unless it really has to be on all night, shut your PC down and stop wasting electricity.


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