fan instaltion, cant put back

  triflesterms 14:54 06 Jun 05


Ive just removed my fan to check the processor, but ive forgoton where the screws go & i cant clip that silver box back on, the bracket seems a bit short.
Ive got a elite motherboard with amd duron 800mhz processor.

Hope someone can help?

  Trackrat 16:02 06 Jun 05

Have a read of this.

click here

  triflesterms 16:17 06 Jun 05

Thanks for replying, still cant quite see where the screws for the fan go, i dont have any thermal compound, theres some dry compound from before when my pc was built would be enough?

  alan227 16:28 06 Jun 05

I do not know exactly what you are saying but if you have disconnected the fan assembly from the heatsink it is screwed normally by four screws, one in each corner.
The heatsink is attached by spring clips, attach one on first the gently push the other on down using a screwdriver.
Get some fresh thermal paste and make sure the old paste is all cleaned of the processor.

  Indigo 1 16:54 06 Jun 05

AMD clips can be a very tight fit, you may need to use some force. I assume when you refer to 'that silver box' you do mean the heatsink, it should look a little like this [URL=click here][IMG]. You MUST use some thermal compound in between don't try to put is back together without any or it might overheat and you must make sure to clean off all the old dry compound too. Here is a video clip on installing it properly, just scroll down to 'Installing an Athlon XP, Heatsink and RAM' click here#_ it is almost exactly like installing a Duron.

If you put the fan on top of the heatsink and drop the screws in the holes then the screws will line up in between the fins but make sure you get the fan the right way up or it won't blow air in the right direction.

  Indigo 1 17:12 06 Jun 05

More good info with pictures here click here and here click here

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