Famiuly Tree Software

I am thinking of starting to pull together my family tree and was wondering what the best package was. Can anyone help?

  Woolwell 22:16 16 Nov 10

Have a look at this site click here

I use Family Historian. It needs a bit of getting used to but has a tutorial. It is quite sophisticated.

Otherwise Family Tree Maker.

  eedcam 22:25 16 Nov 10

Family Historian for me

  Procrastinus 09:04 17 Nov 10

I have done many trees and each time I have used the standard Paint programme.

Easy to draw horizontal and vertical lines, text can be added to or amended as required. Any font size you want. Very flexible.

Give it a try before spending out!

  Woolwell 10:06 17 Nov 10

That's all very well but a family history program (package) does more than that. It is a tool to collate the information that you have gathered from many different sources and keep it all in good order. It then produces trees (ancestors and descendants and both ways). You can also produce it in web format and export as gedcom files.

  johndrew 10:19 17 Nov 10

There is free genealogy software (have a browse click here) but much of it is not as competent as the commercial programs, as Woolwell says.

I use Family Tree Maker click here which is, in my opinion, one of the better offerings and produces pretty much any type of chart you want. It also links to Ancestry UK click here which is quite a comprehensive (pay for) site.

Probably your best bet would be to look around, download a few free trials and/or free programs and see which suits you.

  Newuser38 10:35 17 Nov 10

PC World are selling a Family Tree Maker for £29.99 about halfprice this is the 2011 platinum version. I have not recently used it Woolwell may like to comment.
I have used Roots Magic for some years as my main program.

  Woolwell 11:52 17 Nov 10

I haven't used Family Tree Maker but it does get very good reviews. I started with a basic program and got fed up with it and then moved on to Family Historian. Family Historian may not be for beginners as it is very comprehensive.

The important thing about researching your family history is to try to be as accurate as you can and keep notes of where you found the information so that you can go back and check it if necessary. Be aware that misspellings of names and places is quite common. This can happen with transcriptions but also with the actual record. For example I was looking for an Emma and found the census had it down as Emily.

You can have hours of pleasure with it (it is time consuming). The military records have now come on-line at findmypast and these are fascinating. You can find details of your ancestor's appearance when they joined the army and when they were discharged.

  palinka 18:07 17 Nov 10

My sister is currently researching our tree using (paid for)Ancestry.co.uk - I think that's the name. She seems to spend 24/7 on it; I'm keeping out of it; it can take over your life! as Woolwell rightly implies.

Many thanks for all your advice.

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