A family tree

  misters 14:10 25 Apr 04

Hi i know this is not totally computer related, but i am fed up going through the internet trying to search my family tree cause all the sites i visit want some kind of fee for giving information, i was just wondering if there is any sites out there that are free to use?
Thanx in advance.

  Bagsey 14:23 25 Apr 04

Try the Church of Latterday Saints ( Mormons)

  mackaycc 14:25 25 Apr 04

Have you had a look here:

click here

  Bagsey 14:26 25 Apr 04

Sorry I pressed the key to soon. This is their web site
click here

  pj123 14:28 25 Apr 04

This one is free click here although it is USA based (mormons) My friend has got lots of info from it. Also try Google and type in "family search"

  Wak 16:54 25 Apr 04

You can also try click here and freebmd.rootsweb.com.
There's also click here which can help.

  merc. 17:22 25 Apr 04

the Sunday times news review was doing a test on family tree sites dont know if they are free or not.


  spuds 18:34 25 Apr 04

You may find something amongst these links click here click here click here click here

  Wak 20:27 25 Apr 04

Hi, there's also click here

If you need a FREE program for your Records, the Personal Ancestral File from the Latterday Saints is as good as any other. Free download from FamilySearch.com

  misters 21:52 25 Apr 04

Cheers guys i'll have a look.

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