Family protection software for Windows 7

  pookie 08:14 18 Mar 14


Is there a good free software to use for parents to restrict the sites kids go on? They are 13 and 14 and have their own Windows 7 laptops.

I did post this about 2 years ago and at the time Windows 7 Family Protection was suggested. I used that up until now but even on general settings (ie no adult or social networking) it blocks them looking at eg clothes sites, some fishing sites etc.

Are if better to go for paid software is Norton Family Protection any good?

Thank you

  onthelimit1 08:48 18 Mar 14

I've used K9 in the past. It's free for one computer, but you'd have to pay a monthly subscription for the laptops. It's very easy to allow/deny access to individual sites or to block generic unpleasantness. All you need to know here.

  spuds 09:02 18 Mar 14

There are quite a number of parental control software available, some free, some chargeable. K9 was one I have used in the past, with good results.

You could look at the Majorgeeks website for some ideas and a possible download. click here

  wiz-king 09:08 18 Mar 14

At that age and with their own laptops you have almost no chance. Anything you get they or their friends will soon be able to circumvent.

  stevethetester 09:29 18 Mar 14

a lot depends on who you have your internet through; for example talk talk provide free a/v as well as homesafe-click here which would probable be the sort of thing you are looking for. Its probably worth checking out your own provider first before looking for third party software. hope this helps!

  pookie 19:08 18 Mar 14

Thank you for the replies. I'm with BT. They do offer free Mcafee net protect/family security but when I tried to use it previously it was hard to configure. However, yes I'll give it another go

  stevethetester 11:42 19 Mar 14

can understand that if you struggle maybe worth trying the free Norton version-- click here
would also recommend upgrading your a/v if you are using McAfee as its not got very good reviews in comparison to kaspersky,Norton and a few others. good luck!

  pookie 14:20 22 Mar 14

Hi, as an update the McAfee programme free with BT is easier to setup than last time. Also, BT have a filtering system you can setup directly to their home hubs which means you can block sites to all devices connecting to that router regardless of if windows, android etc

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