False Positive from A Squared???

  birdface 09:08 13 Jun 07

Hi,Updated and ran A Squared this morning,And was notified that I had a Trojan Win32,Goldun.Ms.But looking up the problem it looks like a false possitive, click here as It looked like part of Windows System I Quarantined it instead of deleting it,Anybody tell me if it is safe to take it back out of quarentine or not.

  Andsome 09:10 13 Jun 07

Have a look here, then get rid of it. A Squared is a reliable program.

click here=

  birdface 09:37 13 Jun 07

Hi,thanks for your input,Unfortunately I have to go out,And will not be back untill this afternoon,I will keep it in quarentine at the moment,And will delete it if nobody else say's different,Many Thanks.

  jolorna 09:39 13 Jun 07

i have the same and have Quarantined it as well so i guess it is a false possitive there has been a module update as well after running it so i will drop it back in the pot later when i do the next scan later & see if it shows again as they will usually rectify it with a further update

  birdface 14:32 13 Jun 07

Hi, Thanks for the info,Will probably do the same ,but they were supposed to have up-dated it yesterday to resolve it,But I still managed to get it to day after up-dating.Will see what happens with the next update see if that cures it.

  jolorna 14:59 13 Jun 07

i have run it again after another update after putting it back in it came up again, when you say they were supposed to have cured it yesterday was that before the microsoft updates or after i wonder if it came with the IE7 patch

  birdface 15:17 13 Jun 07

Hi,I done the same,Same problem got it back again.If you go to my click here at the bottom,It says it was fixed yesterday but I just looked at the date and it was dated 30th of may.So we may have to keep it Quarantined for the time being.It may have been the result of Microsoft's downloads yesterday.

  jolorna 15:31 13 Jun 07

there is a massive a2 update now 11.6mb so will do another scan later and see if this lot cures it

  birdface 17:07 13 Jun 07

Hi.I deleted A squared,I had downloaded the Beta version and thought maybe that was the problem,I Have now reinstalled it with all up-dates and scanned again and i am no longer picking the Trojan up,I hope you will be the same with the large up-date.I am not a 100% sure yet so will leave this thread open a little longer just in case.

  sunny staines 17:12 13 Jun 07

just run full scan after latest large download all was ok except a few cookies

  birdface 17:52 13 Jun 07

Ok,Re-booted ran the scan again and nothing showed,I am sure that I took it out of quarantine before I deleted it.I hope so,Anyhow clear here now so will class this as resolved.Good luck all.

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