Fake Antimalware Removal

  Fishbox 18 Aug 11

I seem to have picked up a fake antimalware prog while surfing on Google.Get pop-ups including "XP Security 2012 Alert" etc. It's stopping me using Internet Explorer.Is there a way round this? I am planning to try Mbam & Superantispyware but can't download eg from filehippo. Managed to run Microsoft Security Essentials which showed no threats. Any suggestionsplease?

  Taff™ 18 Aug 11

Removal Instructions Bleeping Computer

  Fishbox 18 Aug 11

Great link-many thanks.Have registered&will give it a go. Rogue problem is on desktop PC.(WinXP SP3). Currently on laptop (Win Vista Basic) working via router but not networked. Connected laptop to printer with cable but won't print the procedure! Will have to sort this out first-exe file problem caused by rogue???

  lotvic 18 Aug 11

If you have a laptop and the problem is on your other pc the Desktop, you don't need to print out the instructions. Just have your laptop displaying them whilst you work on the Desktop pc.

  john bunyan 18 Aug 11

Also you could download SAS and MBAM to a folder on your laptop, put them on a memory stick, and in safemode on your desktop try to launch them

  Taff™ 18 Aug 11

You shouldn't have to register or buy anything - use the free versions of the tools. If you`re having problems with the exe files it is caused by the rogue software. Take john bunyan's advice.

  Fishbox 18 Aug 11

Thanks all-I'm a very old dog trying to learn new tricks and having "senior moments" in the process! Taff-I registered on bleeping.com but don't part with money!Thought it might have been the cause of failure to print. Iotvic-See my opening words! John-I have a memory stick- can you point me to a source of info. on safe mode,please? Once again many thanks to you all-it may be some time before I have the opportunity to try to resolve this but I'll get back in due course in case my experiences can help others.

  Taff™ 18 Aug 11

Safe Mode - On computer boot up tap the F8 key repeatedly, twice a second will do, until a screen comes up giving you option. use the arrow keys to select safe mode and press enter

  buteman 19 Aug 11

With BleepingComputers you have to follow instructions from.

Automated Removal Instructions for Win 7 Antispyware 2012, Vista Antivirus 2012, and XP Security 2012 using Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware:

Just follow the automated removal instructions.

  Fishbox 04 Sep 11

Been away for a couple of weeks. The fix worked a treat. Sincere thanks to all.

  Fishbox 04 Sep 11

Postscript!After the removal I got a red warning shield in the icon tray.I was unable to reset Windows Automatic Updates from the Security Centre or via Control Panel/System.This "Fix it For Me" worked http://support.microsoft.com/kb/971058


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