Faint lines on Monitor

  sidewinder e3 17:08 16 Apr 04

I have a Mitsubishi diamond plus 93SB, which came with my MESH. But there are 2 faint lines exactly where when playing a widescreen DVD . was this caused by me watching a DVD when i first purchased the PC or just because it is flatscreen.

  Whaty 17:17 16 Apr 04

I think you will find this is normal. I can't just remember what they are now but it's because of the tube design.

  Djohn 17:28 16 Apr 04

Yes, it's normal. They are the wires running across the screen to hold in tension the mask behind the screen itself.

  Eric10 18:09 16 Apr 04

This is because your monitor uses the aperture grille technique rather than the older shadow mask. click here for more information.

  Rayuk 18:51 16 Apr 04

And I think they are called Damper wires

  Forum Editor 18:59 16 Apr 04

and they're essential - they prevent the very fine wires that form the aperture grille from vibrating and ruining the display quality. What you can see are in fact the shadows cast by the damper wires. Some people (I'm one of them) find these shadow lines irritating, others seem able to ignore them after a time.

There's nothing you can do about them, and they're perfectly normal with this type of display.A couple of years ago this question used to crop up very often, but I can't remember having seen it for a while.

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