Failure to Post LINKS in Threads.

  Nontek 09 Jul 12

I have been trying to post a Response in a thread in this Forum, where I wanted to include a URL link. However, with the Link included it would simply not post! I used the Globe, as per normal, and when that did not work I tried Copy/Paste without the Globe - same result!

Anyone else having the same problem??

  Sea Urchin 09 Jul 12

Just trying to post a link here on your thread

Here goes

Fingers crossed

  Sea Urchin 09 Jul 12

Yes, that worked OK (using the globe)

I'll also try just pasting the link in

  Sea Urchin 09 Jul 12

Seems OK for me

  Nontek 09 Jul 12

Sea Urchin

Thanks - I tried at least 5 or 6 time to post a link showing Novatechs' website with my lappie on it - gonna try again here, now ..

Nope it did not work, have removed the Link, see if this now posts.

  Nontek 09 Jul 12

I don't get it - with the Link it would not post!!

  Nontek 09 Jul 12

Can you try posting the same link please ... it is novatech ...

I have purposely spaced it out so it does not link here. I have had to make it as small as possible, it is still refusing to post as a link?

  Nontek 09 Jul 12

I will try typing the link again .... can you please put it together and try to post???








  Nontek 09 Jul 12

  hastelloy 09 Jul 12

Novatech I copied your URL then patsed it using the globe and removed the spaces.

And it wouldn't post!!

  Nontek 09 Jul 12

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