scones 20:05 22 Apr 07

after following all the instructions,and
doing all the preperation
my attempts of my vista upgrade
always ends with the blue screen message
at the 1st computer is well up to spec.

STOP: c000021a (fatal system error)
the initial session process or system process terminated unexpectably
with a status of 0x00000000
(0xc0000001 0x001003b4)
the system has been shut down.

  Diodorus Siculus 20:22 22 Apr 07

Is this a clean install on a formatted disk or an upgrade or what?

Can you try to remove any unnecessary hardware before doing the install?

  scones 20:41 22 Apr 07

my os is windows media centre from which i have tried the upgrade. with my mesh computer upgrade passed all compatibility tests, clean install may be my only option.i did
remove unnecessary before installation.
i have 2 sound cards on board which were in the computer when i bought it.could this be a conflict

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