Failed Bios Update On Intel P4

  londonah 18:16 02 Nov 06

I have been trying squeeze a bit more processor speed from my PC. After checking Intel for my motherboard realised i could upgrade from a 1.8Ghz Pentium to 2.6Ghz. However i needed to upgrade my Bios to version P12 or above. I tried doing this with the Flash software update but it didnt work.
My PC still works without faults.
Since i have tied to update again using Express install. However when i click on the extracted file nothing happens.
In Window Task Manager i can see someting under processes that appears to be running, but no windows open when i try to activate the file.
Can anyone offer any advice please?

  rodriguez 18:33 02 Nov 06

The file you clicked was probably called something like AWDFLASH.EXE which needs to be run in DOS. If you post the make and model of your motherboard or the site where you downloaded the BIOS update i'll make a boot floppy that will run it from DOS and update it.

  londonah 18:38 02 Nov 06

Here you go:

Mobo Make: Intel Corp

Model: D845HV

  rodriguez 19:17 02 Nov 06

click here for the bootable floppy. When you run it, insert a blank floppy, tick Writing on Floppy and press OK. When it's done, restart the computer with it in and it should start the program that flashes the bios.

  londonah 20:22 02 Nov 06

Doesnt seem to have worked.

I downloaded the file, extracted to floppy, restarted and nothing happened.

Some writing flashed up on the screen for a split second and then windows started booting.

Any ideas?

  londonah 20:23 02 Nov 06

I checked and the Bios version is still HV84510A.84A.00.24.D

  rodriguez 20:49 02 Nov 06

click here try this one. They forgot to include the config.sys file in the one I downloaded so I put it in and now it boots.

  londonah 21:10 02 Nov 06

Its worked! Thanks for your advice and help Rodriguez.

  rodriguez 21:15 02 Nov 06

It's ok. This forum's about helping people. :-D

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