Fade of injet colour yellow

  immer 02 May 11

I have found that the yellow pigment in my injet printing seems alway to be the first to fade. Posters I put up only a month ago have the black & blue pigments ok but the yellow has faded leaving the greens going to blue and the general pictures a bit of a disaster. Since the paper, ink & printer were quite expensive I'm a bit dissapointed & wondered what others had found. Its the light that seems to do the damage. Are there any yellow printing inks that do not fade - I have noticed this problem in several brand products. (I use HP just now).

  woodchip 02 May 11

Its not faded, it run out. So it just prints the colour that's left or Jets are blocked in the Print Head, have you done a test Print in the Printer Folder??? to see if its printing all the colours

  immer 02 May 11

No its faded from being a beautiful full colour picture to as discribed - the yellow has faded. All the colours flow & print beautifully !!!!

  wiz-king 02 May 11

All ink-jet inks do the same if exposed to strong light. yellow fades causing green to become blue and the yellow to become white. You can get round the problem to some extent it you mount them behind a sheet of clear UV filter glass or plastic. Or change to a pigment ink rather than a dye if one is made that will fit your printer, most ink-jet inks are still dye.


  wiz-king 02 May 11

But you might not like the costs of using a professional ink Link

  Muergo 02 May 11

I have prints pinned up on my walls for years, the ones using genuine Canon ink are still bright and coloured, the compatible inks have faded and changed to peculiar colours, the different papers also can effect it, I have Inkrite paper black and white prints that have gone pale blue/grey but genuine Canon still is ok over many years.

I also have never had to clean the print head since I went to genuine about four years ago.

  wee eddie 02 May 11

It's the UV wot does it.

Keep them out of the sunshine and they'll last for yonks. This happens to almost every coloured medium. Normal Photos, Oil Paints, Watercolours, Acrylics, even Paints and Emulsions that you use on your wall, the lot

  Strawballs 02 May 11

All Reds, Oranges and Yellows will fade in the sun.


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