factory settings

  martan 22:34 16 Jul 10

hi all
does anybody know what keys you press to restore an acer aspire 5315 to restore it back to the factory settings when it was brand new

many thanks


  northumbria61 22:43 16 Jul 10
  northumbria61 22:45 16 Jul 10

sometimes they have a hidden partition which saves an image of all your original settings

while booting up, hold ALT + F10

this should bring up the system restore option

  martan 23:25 16 Jul 10

hi mate
had no luck with it tried alt+f10 with no joy will have to take it into the shop and get them to have a look at it



  northumbria61 23:42 16 Jul 10

You should have Acer e-Recovery Management installed on your laptop (look in your start menu list) - part of that contains "Restore & Recovery" which will allow you to restore to "Factory Default Image"

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