factory reset router or not?

  spook88 18 Feb 12


Have a new desktop p.c to which i want to use my old netgear router via hardwire on which already has the isp/wireless settings on from laptop - just wondering if i should factory reset the router first before adding it to p.c?

As i would like that the admin router software would be controlled on the p.c when installing on the disc, or when installing the netgear software disc on new p.c does it not matter if the settings are alreading on there i.e will it compensate for that?


  c4rm0 18 Feb 12

There is no need to reset the router. Just plug the network cable into your PC from the router and it will assign you a DHCP IP address. Once it has done this it will work fine also your don't need the router software all you need to do is do a ipconfig /all to find out the gateway IP address. If you then stick this in your web browser you will be able to administer your router

If you reset your Router you might depending on your ISP have to re enter the username and password for your ISP and then also have to reconfigure any port forwarding you had set up and also reconfigure your wireless settings

  KRONOS the First 18 Feb 12

Just plug your new PC via Ethernet cable,job done. You can access the router settings from any PC connected to your router purely by typing (I believe) and then you will need to input your user name and password.

So no need for factory reset.I do not think that Netgear has software as such,just the initial setup which comes on the disk with your router. Once set up you can add PC via cable without any problems.


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