facebook quick questions about posting status updates to a select few members?

  theDarkness 10 Sep 11

I have tried to ignore the fact that facebook is littered with advertising and many television adverts are now creating facebook pages of their own-its self inflicted spam, and a privacy removal system :) I am trying to find out about its message sending system to other users, it seems very flawed-what if you only want to send your standard 'status update/thought of the day' message, to only your closest friends or family to read, almost every time? for the many that have 100s, or (in some cases) even 1000s of "friends", the system does not seem very private, although I have noticed you can now send a message from your main page by "adding" or "denying" users that are able to read it. I have a few questions for anyone that uses facebook on this:

1-If I send a normal message to a select few by adding their names to this add/deny list, do these people know that the message is more private than usual?

2-Can this message only be text, or can it include a link with a thumbnail to a specific page (eg youtube), as with normal messages?

3-There is also a 'hide this from' option when sending messages, so I am guessing that if I forget to add anyone to this private list, they will still see it on my main profile page, but not see it in the list of recent messages posted today?

4-With the above 'send to/hide this from' options, when sending these general messages, are you able to create and save a list, to be able to send messages to them all the time easily, or do you need to recreate it every time?

5-If you can save these lists,can you create seperate ones (eg one for family, another for friends)?

I imagine if you cant do alot of the above (or have to create special 'groups' and make your friends/family join them), then facebook to me will still always feel like a bit of a mess regarding privacy-thanks for any help


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