Facebook Problem

  joebeaven 16:49 30 Jun 08


I'm trying to use Facebook Advertising, and I can get to this page: click here, but no further. When I click one of the links to continue, either nothing happens or a blank page loads. This is the same in Firefox and IE.

I asked Facebook about this and they gave me the following response:

"It sounds like this issue might be related to security settings on your browsers. If you haven't done so already, please try viewing this page on a different computer and adding Facebook as a trusted site."

I tried adding Facebook as a trusted site in my Kaspersky Web Anti-Virus settings, Internet Options => Security => Trusted Sties in IE and Options => Security => Exceptions in Firefox, but nothing has helped.

I tried using Facebook Advertising on a different computer and it worked fine.

Please can someone tell me how to stop this problem?


  brundle 18:43 30 Jun 08

Check your Javascript is functioning;
click here

  joebeaven 09:52 01 Jul 08

I tried checking JavaScript and it said it was working fine and everything was up-to-date.

Today, I've also tried disabling Kaspersky and my spyware software, CounterSpy, but neither helped. I also tried running CCleaner which made no difference.

  brundle 11:41 01 Jul 08

Tweak MTU; click here

Sometimes responsible for inability to view various sites.

  joebeaven 15:18 01 Jul 08

Thanks, but I changed my settings in Dr. TCP and it hasn't helped.

  brundle 15:21 01 Jul 08

Do you have problems with any other pages?

What happens if you click this link? (from the site you refer to) click here
Is it the same response every time, or does it vary?

Do you run a firewall?

  joebeaven 16:34 01 Jul 08

Since tinkering with my settings I am now able to view that page, but I can't go any further. When I click the continue button nothing happens. It's the same in Firefox and IE.

When I go to the page and click the continue button on my Dad's laptop it works fine and I can go through and create an ad, but not on my computer.

I'm running Windows XP with Kaspersky Internet Security 7.0, but when I tried deactivating Kaspersky and using Windows Firewall for a bit I still had the same problem. (My Dad's using Vista and AVG Antivirus.)


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