Facebook Displays White Page On Login

  shurtz1 03 May 12

As of yesterday, I've been unable to log on to my FB page. It's viewable until I log in...at which point my browser reads "done" and the page remains all white. This behaviour is evident on three computers and in both Firefox and IE.

  1. XP SP3 Firefox 12 IE 8
  2. Windows 7 Firefox 12 IE 8
  3. XP SP3 Firefox 13 (Beta) IE 8

Have tried emptying my browser cache and have scanned for malware using SuperAntispyware and MalwareBytes....but to no avail.

Help/advice welcome.

  lotvic 03 May 12

If it is the same on all three pcs and both FF and IE then it must be a problem at FB's end. I should wait an hour and then try again, repeat throughout the day.

  shurtz1 03 May 12

Thanks, Lotvic. I suspected that but didn't want to believe it...because the problem is then beyond my control! Oh well, I will try what you suggest. Cheers, shurtz1.

  shurtz1 04 May 12

Having Googled a number of search terms relevant to this problem, I drew a number of conclusions.

  1. It's a very widespread problem with many causes.
  2. When it comes to troubleshooting Facebook problems, Facebook 'help' is poor.

So, it was time to experiment!

I decided to reset my password choosing the get and enter code option via email exchange. I 'reset' my password to what it was this gave me access to my FB profile. From here, clicking on my FB extra page took me straight in.

Hope this helps some of the many with a similar problem. Please post back if I have not made myself clear.

  lotvic 04 May 12

Thanks for that, will save others lots of frustration. Looks like you had to give FB server a 'kick' to remake the link :)


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