Face on face.

  Linkslade 02 Oct 12

I realise that this problem can be overcome by using photo editing software but my question is can it be done using MS Paint?

I am trying to superimpose one face over another on a photograph. After cropping the face I wish to paste over, the face still has it's background around it. Is there a facility in Paint that will allow me to just take the outline of the face only?

  northumbria61 02 Oct 12

Is this what you are looking for? enter link description here

  northumbria61 02 Oct 12

And more info here enter link description here It appears that MS Paint is NOT the ideal program for your purpose.

  northumbria61 02 Oct 12

Sorry just noticed - that last link info is 5yrs old. I don't use MS Paint so I can't say if anything has improved with the program since then.

  Woolwell 02 Oct 12

I don't use Paint but to do what you want I would use a specialised photo editing program that allows you to select an area and preferably uses layers.

  lotvic 02 Oct 12

Having had a quick look (but not got time at mo' to try it out) it should be possible to paste the face with a transparent background into a different image, look in Paint's Help menu, Contents - Work with Pictures - explore the various options.

But there are so many free programs much more suited to do it, it doesn't seem worthwhile sticking to Windows Paint.

  Linkslade 02 Oct 12

Thanks for your replies fellas.

Tried the first link without success. Now feel that downloading free software is the best way to go.

Thanks to all.


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