Fabulous Art Website

  Pesala 12:02 02 Mar 03

Came across this fabulous website full of genuine masterpieces, well at least JPG images of them.

Beautifully laid out, and hundreds (maybe thousands) of images. All free to use as your desktop background. click here

  Forum Editor 12:20 02 Mar 03

and thank you.

  Pesala 12:25 02 Mar 03

No one ever need have a dull desktop.

  IZZY 13:03 02 Mar 03


Brilliant link. Thank you very much.

Kind Regards,


  Andsome 14:34 02 Mar 03

Thanks a million. This is now added to 'My Favourites'

  wazzup 14:34 02 Mar 03

Excellent link, thank you.

  Macaonasa 15:04 02 Mar 03

Here's another: click here

  Pesala 15:40 02 Mar 03

More informative site regarding Artist's biographies. Interesting difference in Hush! by Tissot. The pictures are horizontally mirrored! So who has got it wrong?

A Virtual Art Museum: click here

Art Magik: click here

  Pesala 16:17 02 Mar 03

click here

Any theories? Is the violinist left-handed or right-handed. Maybe he did two, one for each side of the doorway (*_*)

  watchful 16:24 02 Mar 03

Many thanks for the link - I could spend all day on that site!

  Robe 16:32 02 Mar 03

Great site, thanks.

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