F-Prot antivirus

  tizerlily 15:40 09 May 06

has anyone used this or does anyone know anything about it?

  SANTOS7 16:02 09 May 06

OOH ERR its one of them you have to buy, we don't do buy on here.
click here
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AVG and AVAST are two of the most recommended AVs
and they are free.........

  rawprawn 16:24 09 May 06

Don't know about F Prot, but I use F Secure Security suite 2006 and I can recomend it.
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  octal 19:31 09 May 06

I have used it with Linux and it seemed to work fine. At the moment I'm using Avast! for Linux.

  ade.h 19:40 09 May 06

You, er, have F-Prot actually! It's the name for the AV part of F-Secure Internet Security, dating back to when it was only available as a standalone product.

  The Spires 20:30 09 May 06

I used F-Prot for a few years, up until this year actually, one of it's strengths is the very small amount of memory it uses, it's also a small file size & non intrusive. BTW some of us on here buy.

  rawprawn 08:14 10 May 06

Thanks for the information, we live and learn!!

  Wak 09:17 10 May 06

Hi, I have a copy of the F-Prot program (F-Prot.Zip) (1.5MB) on a CD which I have never had to use but I understand that it can be used in DOS when Windows is unobtainable.

  tizerlily 11:10 10 May 06

thank you all for your input I have decided to give it a go and say good bye to norton this picked up a few things norton missed and seems nowadays norton is doing a lot of what windows already does just takes us older computer illiterates a bit longer to catch on I guess

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