f disc

  gingepaul 23:52 29 Jan 03

hi all, my mates pc has just give up on him, needs a new one really but anyway, we need to re install windows, and re formatt first, but i cant remember the command. i got as far as starting with cdrom support, then accessing the drive and disc, but cant remember the rest, somthing like d:>win98 \fdisk.............dunno?
anyone please.

  SafeHaven 23:57 29 Jan 03

format c:\s\q

s= makes it startup
q=qick format

that help?
Personaly i would do a format then fdisk if need be

  SafeHaven 23:58 29 Jan 03

Con or will it work..any advice? click here

  AndySD 23:58 29 Jan 03

Download a Boot Floppy from click here then click here?

  Ironman556 23:59 29 Jan 03

From A: after booting from floppy, you should be able to type "fdisk" to run f disk, "format c:" to format C drive, and then "d:" followed by "setup" once you've changed to the cd rom I think.


  SafeHaven 23:59 29 Jan 03

opps wrong link ignore my last :)

  Ironman556 00:02 30 Jan 03

Looks dodgy to me... trys to impress you by detecting windows & IE versions, then loads a .gif, which isn't based on the performance or potential performance of your pc.

  Ironman556 00:03 30 Jan 03

Ah right, ignore my last too then...

  gingepaul 00:06 30 Jan 03

can anyone tell me the exact command line to type to format the disk, i can start with cdrom support, and get a prefix of my drive letter up on the command line, but thats all i remember, need it letter for letter. cheers

  SafeHaven 00:23 30 Jan 03

c:format c:

  Ironman556 00:25 30 Jan 03

I'm pretty sure "format c:" will do the job, that's what I use. You can add the \s and \q if you want to as SafeHaven suggested, either way should work.

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