Extra Hard Drives to Raid Connections

  Rustler 12:24 02 Jul 04

Can any one give me instructions on connecting extra hard drives to the raid connections I have on my Epox 8KRA2+ Motherboard.
Both my IED connections are full and I want to install another hard drive.
I do not want to use the raid facility, only to use the connection for an extra hard drive.
I know what to do to actually connect them up, it is what I need to do in regard to the raid BIOS etc. that confuses me.
Any help would be gratefully appreciated.

  sil_ver 12:46 02 Jul 04

I may well be wrong but I think RAID depends on the fitment of two identical drives to operate but you should be able to buy a PCI - UDMA ATA card which will give you two extra IDE connections

  hillybilly 13:08 02 Jul 04

You cannot use that outlet just to put a third drive on your pc. It can only be used for a raid system, you will need to buy an extra card for what you want.

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