Extra fan for PC

  iqs 19:50 20 Nov 07


I would like to install a extra fan to help cool my Graphics card a TV card.

I have a EVESHAM PC fitted with a FOXCONN MB,946GZ7MA/946PL7MA.

According to the MB instructions it only has two fan connectors.One for the CPU and the system fan.

I know you can connect extra fans to spare MOLEX sockets which I have.

But is it possible to connect two fans to the system fan connector?.

I think I know the answer all ready,no.Because of the BIOS health check,speed,temp.

But is it possible to connect a fan to another connection on the MB,if it has a 3pin connection.


  I am Spartacus 19:57 20 Nov 07

This might be what you need click here molex connector on one end 4 sockets for fans on the other.

  SANTOS7 20:16 20 Nov 07

I have two case fans spliced into one 3 pin connector, one sucks, one blows, to create airflow and they work perfectly well...

  umbongo(uk) 22:23 20 Nov 07

nothing wrong with either way

just remember not to add more than 2 fans on one mb connector due to power draw

the link sparticus shows is a good product as you can use either the 2 white for slow speed or the 2 black to have the fan work full speed
this will determin the noise your fans make so if they run too noisey you can slow em down for less noise ,if there quiet already it wont matter

  iqs 10:58 21 Nov 07

and many thanks for your help.I will purchase the lead suggested by I am Spartacus.Problem soved.

Once again thanks

  iqs 14:27 21 Nov 07

Just installed a Ultra Quiet akasa 8cm fan,and used the lead suggested.I must comment on how quiet the fan is.Its so quite I had to check to make sure it was working.

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