extra cooling

  polish 21:49 09 Apr 04

does extra cooling fans make any difference

  Totally-braindead 21:51 09 Apr 04

Make any difference to what, to the temperature?

  polish 22:05 09 Apr 04

the system performance generally

  Totally-braindead 22:15 09 Apr 04

Its not an easy question to answer, generally the cooler your system runs the better especially if you overclock. But whether you would see any performance gain by installing extra cooling, providing your system is not overheating already, then I would say probably not. Not to say that cooling isn't better for the life span of your components but if the computer isn't running too hot then I would say you would see little or no difference in performance.

  rubella 22:36 09 Apr 04

That’s about the size of it. If your machine is already running cool and stable there’s no real performance gain. This machine is very well cooled and that allows me to push the overclocking further. For daily living though it is not the overclocking that really benefits. Better cooling solutions come into their own because you don’t have to run them flat out. Accordingly, your machine can be much quieter.

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