Is extra antispyware still necessary ?

  setecio 12:36 16 Dec 08

Have the likes of Kaspersky / McAfee and all the other big name Internet security programs got the complete package yet, or is it still necessary/wise to add something like Spybot S&D as well ?

  birdface 13:00 16 Dec 08


  DieSse 13:10 16 Dec 08

I use Eset Security Suite, and use Spybot S&D innoculation facility.

I just ran in depth checks with Spybot S&D and Sunbelt Counterspy (because of another thread) - and both reported zero issues.

  mooly 13:35 16 Dec 08

I asked FSecure this question months ago. Answer, maybe unsurprisingly was use ONLY Fsecure, nothing else. For one thing a mix of scanners don't get on.
And in all fairness I have never had any problems/malware/spyware issues.

  birdface 13:56 16 Dec 08

Just a matter of time.

  setecio 16:11 16 Dec 08

Would you think the addition of spybot S&D would be enough on top of an internet security package ?

  mooly 16:36 16 Dec 08

My experience of Spybot S and D,
click here
I did see somewhere, I think, that it doesn't get on with Fsecure.
No -- I have come to the conclusion that all these tweaks and so on and constant fiddling and all these "free" programs do more harm than good.
The only one I use, and infrequently at that is CCleaner.

  birdface 17:24 16 Dec 08

Personally you need something better than Spybot.You are as well not having anything if you are just going to rely on that.It was Ok years ago but Anti Spyware programs have moved on a lot since then.

  setecio 17:25 16 Dec 08


I forgot to mention a major factor.

The computer is for tennagers who click anywhere and everywhere and don't understand security.

So it'll probably be Kaspersky Internet security, Spybot S&D (possible Windows Defender also running) and cyberpatrol.

Should do :) I hope.

  setecio 17:25 16 Dec 08

Thats ... teenagers ....

  DieSse 19:12 16 Dec 08

"Anti Spyware programs have moved on a lot since then."

So has Spybot S&D.

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