External USB 2 hard drive - partitions question

  Happy37 11:21 AM 01 Jan 13

Hello everyone,

Good morning and Happy New Year.

  Happy37 11:32 AM 01 Jan 13

Oops, posted without completing.

I have got an external USB2 hard drive.

According to Windows 8's "Computer Management" utility, this has got 3 primary partitions and 5 logical ones within an "extended" partition.

This is the problem though.

I have also got circa 100GB of unallocated space left that I'd like to format and use.

Upon trying to make a "simple" volume in Windows 8, I get the message:-

"You cannot create a new volume in this unallocated space because the disk already contains the maximum number of partitions."

How can I resolve this please?

I am copying the data from 1 of the primary partitions into a new folder on my computer as I type this.

  1. After this completes, can I convert this primary partition to a logical one or not? Will this work so that I can format the unallocated space as another logical drive inside an extended partition?

  2. If not, can I delete this primary partition and merge this with the unallocated space to make a new large blank one instead?

All answers and advice gratefully appreciated.

Many thanks.


  Happy37 06:30 AM 02 Jan 13

Now all sorted anyway.

Option 2 worked immediately.

Deleted the partition, made a new bigger one and copied all the data nack.



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