External Portable HD not Recognised

  theearlofsabden 10:56 05 Jan 12


I have a portable external HD that when plugged via USB into my PC is not recognised. The LED light of the caddy comes on but no sound from the spinning HD. The thing is it does make that clunk clunk sound as soon as the USB cable is inserted into the port - but nothing else happens.

Should I go home this evening via the canal or is there a chink of hope!

Thanks for listening! Your in anticipation, Neil.

  rawprawn 11:15 05 Jan 12

have you tried it in another computer?

  Woolwell 11:19 05 Jan 12

Or a different port?

No point in posting several times.

  theearlofsabden 11:25 05 Jan 12

Posting several times - yes I know the webpage constantly asked for tags, when I tagged the page refreshed said tags contained errors, tagged and, said errors again. I guess pcadvisor had a few problems - as a consequence it posted several times.

Another computer** - yes I've tried many, home and work - no joy?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:44 05 Jan 12

It my be possible to remove the drive from the case and connect directly to your PC.

  Ibanez2010 11:55 05 Jan 12

Does it need an additional power cable?

  theearlofsabden 12:11 05 Jan 12

I have attached it - no joy and I have used a double power USB cable too - no joy.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:57 05 Jan 12

connect it to the usb port

Check in device manager for any exclamation marks against the US device

Check in disk management to see if the drive appears there.

  Ibanez2010 14:01 05 Jan 12

I doesn't sound too promising then...

  robin_x 14:09 05 Jan 12

"Attached"=out of case and direct SATA connection??

You could try the "freezer trick" as last resort.

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