external link nof <again>

  holligan 12:11 04 Nov 03


I type in as above it comes on site just the same after preview.

I try html press top button > incert it then appers as

A blue circle with a cross on page

When i preview it is not there just blank.

  barryoneoff.co.uk 23:19 04 Nov 03

1 speech marks " " around the actual link?

2 A before HREF?

3 /A after the link text?

4 angle brackets < > around the code?

  barryoneoff.co.uk 23:21 04 Nov 03

did you put h t t p and w w w in the link?

  holligan 09:34 05 Nov 03

http:/www<A HREF="talksport.net"/Atarget=_blank>
ifs thats right still no comes up with hpptwww only

  barryoneoff.co.uk 23:28 05 Nov 03

and www goes inside the speech marks in front of talksport.

I cant write the code here, it will be changed to a click here. The should be two // in front of www. Knock the /A out that is in front of target and put a space there instead.

  holligan 12:37 06 Nov 03

< A HREF=http://"click here" target=_blank>

i press text

then htlm box incert text

nothing just as its appers on here.am i close now ive tried a few other ways.no joy

ps. good job you dont charge for advice.for me that is.

  Ben Avery 16:03 06 Nov 03

Try this:

<A HREF="h t t p://w w w.talksport.net" target="_blank">YOUR LINK TEXT GOES HERE</a>

Obviously without the gaps in the "http" and "www" bits!

Make sure that the speech marks "" go before the WHOLE url (including the http bit)


  holligan 19:30 06 Nov 03

<HREF=?click here>

i tried that it came up as its wrote

i dont know what you mean by link text gos here

i did click here after with the <> but no luck

ps.i know iam thick.

  holligan 19:33 06 Nov 03

<HREF=?click here. talksport.net?target=?_BLANK> i did

  Forum Editor 23:13 06 Nov 03

you're getting bogged down in all this holligan.

In page design view, if you use the text tool (marked 'A') to draw a small box, you should see a dialogue box open, marked 'Text properties'.

At the bottom left of this box there'll be a button marked 'Link'. Click this, and you'll be able to specify an external link from the drop down menu, and you can type in the url of the page you want to link to. There are plenty of linking options, and you should spend some time exploring the possibilities - it's far too comprehensive a subject to go into at any length here.

Once you've created your link, click on the HTML source button, and you'll see the code that NOF has used to create the link.

One way to learn how to use any software application is to explore, and see what happens when you change something. You can always revert to the previous state if you make a mistake, or if something turns out differently to what you expected. Be bold, and try all the buttons - soon you won't feel so lost.

  holligan 12:40 07 Nov 03

open in another page but cant do it been pressing and trying for days.i thought it was ok then maddog said it should open in my site.i like to get things right so iam still trying.

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