External HD's

  wee eddie 13:02 15 May 03

I am looking at External Hard Drives as a method of Backing up my work.

A number of questions have occurred.

1. Firewire 800 & 400. Is this just the renaming of the two sizes of Firewire Ports or are they a new Standard.

2. USB2. I know that the connection is backward compatible, but will an External Hard Drive designed to operate on USB 2, also work with a computer that only has a USB Port (Just transfer files more slowly)

3. I am looking at a 200gb drive. Do I just create a separate folder for each computer that I am backing up to it. Currently 3, 10mg HD 20mg HD and a 60mg HD. None of these drives is full.

sorry i cant answer the firewire question but the usb2 drrive will run only slower as you say, usb2 controller cards are available for about 20quid to plug into a PCI slot

as to the third question I would recommend a using a backup utility such as norton ghost and sroring the drive images in the root directory of the removable drive where they will be easy to find

  wee eddie 17:50 15 May 03

Is it going to be possible to store/backup the contents of 3 different HD's on a single removable drive.

Will it really be necessary to purchase subsidiary software or will Windows backup not do the trick. Come to think of it I am running both W98se and XPHome.

Norton Ghost will be the most probable, but will I need to Partition the Portable drive.

  -pops- 18:14 15 May 03

Check very carefully whether you will be able to back up to an external drive. You may or may not be able to do it depending on the software you choose. Windows backup will not do it. Check out an up to date version of click here which will do what you want.


  wee eddie 16:37 17 May 03

I'm bumping this in the hope of a little more information.

meanwhile - Thanks to horiz5 and -pops- for your input.

My backup problem is trying to find a solution to writing 3 to 4 CD's each time and then of course verifying each one.

Just attaching a mobile HD to each PC in turn, seems to be so close to the ideal that there is bound to be some sort of fly in the ointment.

I'd like to find most of the flies before I spend £300.

  -pops- 17:31 17 May 03

Firewire 800 seems to be an attempt by Apple to regain the advantage that firewire used to have over USB before USB2 was introduced. click here

Most backup software that I have used will create its own partition on the destination disk so, after formatting, do the backup for disk one, then two, then - - - -. It should, I'm pretty sure, take care of partitions for you. I back up two hard drives on to a third (internal) using Drive Image and that's how mine operates.


  wee eddie 22:35 18 May 03
  wee eddie 22:37 18 May 03

This has got to be the biz.

click here

  wee eddie 22:40 18 May 03

The link looks right here but is not showing on the thread.

click here

  wee eddie 22:44 18 May 03

once again. click here

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