External HDD Boot Sequence

  Ollieole 13:15 15 Oct 04

I bought a usb2 Maxtor external HDD yesterday and it works fine except...

Am I always supposed to turn it on after loading windows?

If it is turned on prior to switching on the computer the BIOS recognises the USB HDD before my main SATA Raid HDD and so refuses to Boot.

If I go into the BIOS and rearrange the HDD boot sequence it is OK. If I then turn the PC on with the external HDD off it is still OK BUT if I then tutn the PC on again with the external HDD turned back on again the BIOS once again recognises the USB HDD ahead of the SATA drive and so won't boot

What I want is to be able to turn the PC on with or without the external HDD and for it always to boot from the internal SATA HDD. Is this possible?

Mobo is Asus P4C800E Deluxe

One option would seem to be to force the BIOS to treat the USB Mass Storage Device as a FDD with FDD behind HDD in the boot up sequence? Is that the only solution

Hope that makes sense - any help much appreciated

  Ollieole 18:31 15 Oct 04


  Dorsai 18:56 15 Oct 04

I cant remember much detail, but

I think a PC will always try and boot anywhere BUT a raid array 1st, regardless of the boot sequence in the bios. Ok if it floppy (empty), CD-rom (empty) Raid (working).

But any HDD detected that is bootable (even if nothing on it too boot) will result in 'boot disk failure', just like if you have a non-boot floppy in the drive, and the 1st drive to boot from is a floppy drive.

It always uses the raid array as a last resort.
I think this is better coverd here, click here but cant remember where in there.

  Ollieole 07:44 16 Oct 04

Thanks Dorsai but that's not quite right since I can set the BIOS to boot from the Raid disk ahead of the external disk and it works. It's just that if next time I boot the external disk is turned off the BIOS reverts back. Then if next time I boot and the extrenal disk is back on again it identifies it and ranks it ahead of the Raid disk

  anchor 09:31 16 Oct 04

I have an external Maxtor USB/Firewire drive similar to yours. I always turn it on after booting up in the normal way from the internal hard drive.

With Windows XP, it is immediately recognised.

  helmetshine 09:42 16 Oct 04


I've got a similar problem with a Maxtor on a Asus A8V m/board...the difference is that i only get it when i first turn the drive on.....once I've rebooted and changed the boot sequence back it seems ok however many times I reboot....until I turn the drive off...then it happens again when I next turn it back on.I don't find it a major problem...it is rather irritating tho so would like to find an answer for it

  Ollieole 15:08 16 Oct 04


Yep, same problem - I am fine until I boot without the drive (i.e. turned off) at that point BIOS reverts back to original and next time I turn it on the BIOS sees the Maxtor and wants to boot from it.

As you say not a major problem but a bit annoying and would be nice to find a cure

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