external hdd advice please

  Kate B 12:15 15 Oct 04

I'm going to ask Santa for a big external hard drive and if anyone has any recommendations I'd love to hear them.

In an ideal world it would plug into the the router so I can access it wirelessly and I'd be able to back up both the iBook and the PC to it.

Alternatively I can live without being able to back up the entire iBook to it but I would like the iBook to get at it wirelessly via the router, ie not switching the main PC.

Does such a beast exist?

  ICF 12:33 15 Oct 04

Just plug it into your USB 2/Firewire port and share the drive on your network.

  Kate B 12:38 15 Oct 04

ICF, wouldn't I have to have the main PC switched on to share it if it goes into the Firewire/USB? I want to avoid that if possible

  uisquebeathus 13:01 15 Oct 04

the technology does not exist yet to do what you require as the drive data must be interpreted by operating system Linux or Windows and CPU. A router chipset does not have the information or functions built into it yet! You will still require the Computer on line to enable the data to be written or read from any external drive by Firewire oy USB2.

  byfordr 13:24 15 Oct 04

I've 2 one maxtor one lacie.

The maxtor is the slightly more functional unit having 2 firewire, 1 usb2 and good backup software.

The lacie is slightly smaller.

Both get fairly hot.


  pmjd 14:07 15 Oct 04

How about network attached storage
A bit pricey at £300 for 120GB but it can plug into a router and you can add an additional HDD if needed
click here

Though big backup's over wireless could take a while;)


  Kate B 14:14 15 Oct 04

pmjd, that looks the business! Bit outside Santa's budget, though. And I guess I'm just too far ahead of my time on what I want to be able to do with it.

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