External hdd

  stlucia 12:49 23 Apr 04

I want to add a large HDD to use for backup. All my bays are full, but I've got three positions left on my Maxtor IDE adaptor card and a couple of spare leads on my PSU.

In simple terms I was hoping to be able to take an IDE cable and power cable from inside my case to a HDD mounted in an external box. Any advice on how best to do this, or should I look for something that just plugs into my USB 1 socket? My OS is Win 98SE.

  byfordr 12:54 23 Apr 04

Don't mess around...get a Maxtor One-touch. Looks the part on your desk, joy to use. Fast! click here Works on either usb (usb 2 if you have it) or firewire.


  stlucia 13:09 23 Apr 04

Thanks byfordr. Couldn't find the Maxtor on e-buyer, but found it on another site at £195 for 250Mb. But there's a Panasonic Super Disk 240mb External USB on e-buyer which looks interesting at £138.

But I'd still like to use my spare IDE ports if practical (and cheaper) ...

  stlucia 13:17 23 Apr 04

Oops! The Panasonic is not 240Mb (or even Gb!). That's just a model number.

  byfordr 13:47 23 Apr 04

click here

If not Simply, Komplett, Ebuyer just do a search for one touch

£190 250gb firewire/usb 7200rpm I would advise it over the 300gb 5400 rpm version The biggest throttle would be usb 1 (1.1?) If you have a spare pci would seriously recommend a firewire card. A internal hard drive and an external caddy would cost about the same as the maxtor, really can't see any advantage to do it this way, unless you have a spare high capacity hd.

  stlucia 13:53 23 Apr 04

Yes. I've been doing a bit of browsing following your first suggestion, and the ready-to-go Maxtor solution seems to be hardly any more expensive than any d.i.y. thing I could put together. Plus it seems to have the software which will give me a one-touch backup of my existing drives. 250Gb will do nicely, and I think I've already got a spare firewire socket.

  byfordr 13:55 23 Apr 04

They are a joy the use...nice and portable as well. Enjoy.


  stlucia 08:40 29 Apr 04

Installed it last night using firewire and 98SE. Brilliant!

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