external hd - whats the difference?

  al7478 16:18 28 Feb 07

click here

click here

can anyone tell me, assuming im an abslute begginner, what the difference is between these is please?

  Jackcoms 16:21 28 Feb 07

"what the difference is between these is please?"

About £9.46 as far as I can tell. ;-)

  Jackcoms 16:24 28 Feb 07

The more expensive one seems to have Fire Wire connection as well as USB

  wjrt 16:25 28 Feb 07

first one connects by USB only
the second can connect by firewire port or USB ie firewire or 1394 is just another way of connecting to the PC which may mean faster transfer of data

  al7478 16:25 28 Feb 07

Thanks. Whats firewire?

  al7478 16:27 28 Feb 07

so i would need a firewire connection on my pc and a diferent kind of lead to connect it? I'm just guessing, but am i right?

  Jackcoms 16:28 28 Feb 07
  al7478 16:31 28 Feb 07

but i guess i still need to check if my pc has firewire connectivity? its a dell, 6-8 months old, if thats any help.

  keef66 16:38 28 Feb 07

Model number of the Dell? Any unusual sockets at the back labelled 1394 and shaped kind of rectangular at one end and hexagonal at the other?

  keef66 16:40 28 Feb 07
  al7478 16:51 28 Feb 07

I can have a look now i can identify a firewire port1

it is a dell Dimension 5150, by the way.

has anyone used usb and firewire and noticed a real improvement with firewire? i know im a cheapskete, but theres no point payin more fore something if i wont know the difference.

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