External hardrive and back up software

  allanon 09 Jun 13

I am running a new windows 7 pc and I am looking at buying an external hard drive and software to provide a back up for my system. I have suffered from problems in the past and I wish to avoid future problems. I am looking at getting at least a 2 TB hardrive as my system has a 1TB internal. I have been advised to look at the Seagate STBV2000200, and according to reviews looks a good drive. Has anyone had any experience positive or otherwise or wish to propose an alternative drive. I have about £80-£90 to spend on the drive.

In addition can anyone recommend an easy to use back up software. I am a novice so any advice gratefully received.

Thank you for your time

  Procrastinus 09 Jun 13

As far as the backup software is concerned, I use the free version of Allway Sync
With the free version you are limited on the amount of data you can synchronize, so make your first sync. a copy/paste job and then you can just top up as required as new files are added.

  Procrastinus 09 Jun 13

PS - try KLS Mail Backup for your emails.

  john bunyan 09 Jun 13
  wee eddie 10 Jun 13

Windows 7 has it's own backup Software. So far, it has worked perfectly for me, but I've never yet, had to restore a whole Drive.

  mole1944 10 Jun 13

If you have a western digital drive anywhere within your system you can download and use a cut down version of Acronis true image, i do a couple of clones of my main drive plus I use klickfree for my data as a belt and braces.

  Abel 10 Jun 13

I agree with wee eddie! What's wrong with Window 7's own back-up facility? It's served me well.

  hastelloy 10 Jun 13

Seagate also have a cut-down free version of Acronis true image so if you have or buy a Seagate drive you can download it.


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