External Hard Drives & Uses for Laptops

  kevin4004 09:04 03 Mar 07

Can someone explain to me there uses and benefits for a laptop......Will one speed up my L/t or is it better to increase mb's??

  skidzy 09:06 03 Mar 07

Kevin can you explain in a bit more detail.

I may be wrong,but is your current drive slow ?

  jack 09:11 03 Mar 07

External drives [of any sort - flash or disc]
are Storage media- and are therefore used to keep data 'off' machine
They as such do not 'affect machine speed'
Extra RAM memory will play a part in 'speed' simply by providing more processing capacity.
But essentially 'Speed' is built into the machine's basic architecture from CPU and Motherboard up,and nothing is going to change there with a laptop.
So get and external HDD by all means - a most useful extra- but increase speed? Nah!

  jack 09:21 03 Mar 07

Moving on from there- 'Good Housekeeping' is one 'no cost' way of of keeping the machine up to speed.
Try these simple tips
1. Download free CCleaner-[click here and clean up the hard drive.
2. Shut down all programs[ press CTRL/ALT/DEL together to bring up Windows Task Manager and shut down programs that are running now go to
Start/Programs/Accessories/System tools/Defragment drive.
Set that tool going and walk away from the machine
Don't touch it whilst this is compacting the drive- because the slightest 'mouse/pad click will stop it.
It could take some time depending on the size of the drive and how long the machine has been in operation.
When done the machine will be a whole lot 'faster'

  kevin4004 09:48 03 Mar 07

Thanx to all for help and advice.I have a IBM R31 thinkpad (128mb)....takes about 15mins to start and in general slow!Whats ur advice.

  jack 10:21 03 Mar 07

You've got it, see my second post.

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