external hard drives

  jelmes 19:32 21 Aug 05

I have a compaq presario 5443Ea pc with a 60 gb hard drive some time ago i tried to install an 80 gb hard drive and after several experts had an input I finally discovered that the Compaq PCs will not recognise a larger hard drive than the factory installed drive. I now want to purchase an external hard drive, will I have the same problem? does anyone have any advice on what model of drive i shuold purchase. I mainly want to use the drive for video editing

  Longhouse 20:01 21 Aug 05

I had a similar problem with an older Sony Vaio laptop. Wanted to upgrade to a 20Gb from the installed 4.3. BIOS wouldn't let me do it. I tried flashing the BIOS (it wouldn't take), tried drive overlay software (wouldn't have that either), so I gave up.

The new 20Gb drive sat in drawer for several months until I decided to install it in a USB case and use it as a large "pen drive" for transporting my work from PC to PC. Lo and behold...the laptop has no problem seeing 20 Gb external!!!

Can't guarentee you'll have the same success, but suggest you ask around workmates / friends / works IT dept to see if you can borrow a drive overnight to try.

Good luck


  NotsoNewuser 20:05 21 Aug 05

I assume the drive will connect through USB so would not have thought it would be a problem. You may need a USB card and software depending on your system.

  jelmes 20:26 21 Aug 05

thanks good idea i can borrow a maxtor from my daughter I should have thought of that myself

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