External hard drive woes again

  exdragon 17:23 28 Jun 11

I recently had a problem with a WD drive, now sorted (thanks, Woodchip), but I now have problems with another, identical one.

Initially, with the drive plugged in, the desktop would stall before Windows loaded, but a soft boot seemed to work. Now, though, it won't. The light on the external drive flashes continuously. I tried unplugging it, booting up and then plugging it back in again, but no joy. I couldn't get into Device Manager to check and I couldn't switch off in the normal way, but had to use the power button.

Bearing in mind the problems with both drives, surely I can't be doing something wrong with them can I? They used to be fine and nothing has changed,

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:34 28 Jun 11

  1. Disable boot from USB in the BIOS save and Exit (F10)
    1. Check AV is not set to scan on boot

    2. Unplug drive and use USBDEVIEW to uninstall all external drives (windows will recognise and reinstall on reboot or re-plugging in the device

  exdragon 17:40 28 Jun 11

Thanks, I'll try that tomorrow.

  exdragon 18:29 01 Jul 11

Worked a treat - many thanks!


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