External Hard Drive - Unaccessable

  Luca M 15:10 17 Aug 09

Hi All,

I have a Lacie Portable 250GB Hard Drive USB 2.0 and when I connected it today to get some files off it, the blue light flashes as normal and you can hear the drive spin up, but the computer does not come up with the usual autorun. The Computer recongnises the drive as it appears in 'Computer' but when double clicked upon to open the following is said : 'The File or directory is corrupt or unreadable.'

Any ideas how I can save my data from the drive? I am on Windows Vista and the drive is always 'safely removed.'

Thanks in advance.

  gengiscant 15:46 17 Aug 09

Is it possible to try the drive on another PC?
At least that will tell you if it is the drive or not.
You could also try removing HDD from enclosure and connecting it directly to your PC,remembering to place a jumper in the slave position first.

  Luca M 16:01 17 Aug 09

I have tried connecting it to another PC and Laptop and the same thing occurs.

I cannot remove the HD as it is a portable drive and contains a smaller 2.5" disc I believe, not the full sized ones found in desktops. Plus I only have a laptop so could not connect it anyway.

  gengiscant 16:20 17 Aug 09

It is still possible to connect the drive to another pc,you can use A 2.5 to 3.5 HDD converter.
Something like this click here

  Luca M 16:35 17 Aug 09

Ok thanks for that. May I ask what I will have to do once I have done this, as it seems to me like it will just have the same problem?


  woodchip 17:00 17 Aug 09

You could try running TestDisk on the Drive to see if it can repair the MBR on it click here

  Luca M 17:31 17 Aug 09

Thanks Woodchip. Would that be run while connected via USB or by connecting it directly by IDE?


  gengiscant 17:46 17 Aug 09

using my method you might be able to access your files,cheap enough so its worth a try unless someone suggests something else.

  woodchip 19:36 17 Aug 09

Try it first as USB, to see if it can see the drive

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