External hard drive not recognised-Help!

  onion73 05 Aug 12

Hi all...I bought a BUFFALO hard drive and transfered all our pics before replacing desk top for a new laptop (DELL INSPIRON) Problem is laptop doesn't recognise this device when pluuged in no prompts not showing anywhere...Really worried as all our wedding photos are on it...Any advice appreciated...Be gentle I'm not very PC literate :)

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 05 Aug 12
  1. is buffalo powered up?

  2. check if drive seen in device manager or disk manager

  onion73 05 Aug 12

Hi Thanks,

Buffalo is powered up and not showing in either.

  lotvic 05 Aug 12

Do you have access to another pc you can try it on?

  onion73 05 Aug 12


Not at home will try in work tomorrow and let you know Thanks

  lotvic 05 Aug 12

OK, also do you have any other usb devices, usb flash memory drive or something you can try in the usb's on the new laptop? (to see if usb ports are working ok with other devices)

  onion73 06 Aug 12

Yea the my digital camera & USB stick all show up when inserted...I've been told it may be because the buffalo was formated to the old desk top and to re-format it will lose everything stored on it.There must be another solution.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 06 Aug 12

Assuming windows 7 on your new laptop?

7 should see all file systems from previous windows formats

However this is nothing to do with file systems if the laptop even cannot see the drive in device manager or disk manager.

Can you see the buffalo in another machine? Have you thrown the old desktop away and what operating system did it use?


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