External Hard Drive files move for no reason!!!!!

  mick wilding 14:04 29 Apr 05

I have a Western Digital USB 160GB External Hard drive attached to my system for storing music albums on. I copy them over using Media Player 10 and scan the sleeve and use this as the thumbnail. I store these ablums in folders A through Z.

However, quite often I find that when accessing this drive that some of the files have moved back to the root folder of this "J" drive (where they were originally copied to before sorting them)for no reason.

Also, very often, the thumbnail associated to some albums has been replaced by the windows default picture.

Anyone point to what is causing this. The file attributes to each folder (Read Only and Hidden) are not checked.

Thanks in advance

M Wilding

  Graham ® 18:54 29 Apr 05

Dunno, something to do with file association?

  Graham ® 21:24 29 Apr 05

What about putting all the folders in one 'Master' folder?

  mick wilding 06:50 30 Apr 05

Tried using a master folder originally but we're talking of 75850 (approx)songs or some 85gb. The drive just came to a standstill when trying to access the files to play them. Now I copy to the master folder and then drag & drop them to the designated folders.

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